sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2009

Esto no ha hecho mas que empezar.......

Tercer día de rodillo y hago 1 hora y cincuenta minutos, esto tiene muy buena pinta, jeje.

BIKE 2:15
20:00 Gearing Pyramid, as follows:
2:00 in easiest gear (hold 90 rpm), 3:00 in next hardest gear, 4:00 in next,
then 5:00, and finally 6:00 @85-90rpm
3 x 3:00 ILT w/30 sec recovery spinning in between
- each ILT interval should be 6 x (20 sec one leg / 10 sec transition)
Alternate fast spinning (110+ rpm) with easy pedaling (90 rpm or less) as follows:
15 sec fast/15 sec easy; 30 sec fast/30 easy; 45 fast/45 easy
1:00 easy spin before starting the main set
(You should be at the 40:00 mark or so by now)
Stick with mileage, unless you go way over the target time; if you do, then adjust the target mileage down such that you can finish the interval in the recommended amount of time.
2 x (33:00 / 11.2mi / 18km) @75% w/2:00 recovery, between 60-70%
finish with 1 x (15:00 / 5mi / 8km)
- Record your time & average HR for each, as well as your average power output (if you have a CompuTrainer) for future analysis. You might want to have a pen & paper handy before you start this!
10:00 easy spinning, bringing your HR back down under 60% before stopping

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