martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Menudo calentón!!!!

Espero de veras que este tipo de entrenamiento sirvan para algo, porque si no menudo esfuerzo para nada.

Como podéis ver en la grafica, hoy me han tocado hacer dos series de veinte minutos en la bici entre 84% y 95%. Menudo esfuerzo que supone esto, después de trabajar. De verdad que espero que esto me ayude a cumplir mi objetivo en Lanzarote..... que si no menuda perdida de tiempo y de energías, jeje.


SWIM 0:45
4 x 200 Choice w/20 descend 1-4 from 50% to 75%
16 x 100 w/10 sec rest after each
#1-4: Descend from 60% - 85%
#5-16: Each one should be high quality @88-92%
-- record your average on the last 12 for future comparison
100 Swim - 100 Kick - 100 Pull - 100 Swim
BIKE 1:20
This is the first workout in the second week following the Aussie Bike Plan. If you're using consistent distances over time, you can record and analyze your progress weekly.
Give yourself about 10:00 to get into it, letting your HR rise gradually to 65-70%
4 x 20 sec relaxed "bursts" of speed w/40 sec easy @100rpm after each
You can substitute a pre-determined distance rather than the designated time interval to help you gauge your future progress. By focusing on the 84-92% intensity zone, this set is designed to tax your Anaerobic Threshold (AT) energy system.

CompuTrainer users: Remember that you should find it easier to achieve these higher HR intensities if you include some sections where the grade is slightly uphill (+0.4-0.7%). Keep the course the same from week-to-week for comparison, and be careful not to overstress your knees!

2 x 20:00 @84-92% w/15:00 easy spinning @60-70% in between
Continue spinning, bringing your HR down slowly until it's under 50% by the end

Un saludo fuerte y nos vemos en el próximo calentón!!!!

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