sábado, 13 de junio de 2009

WEEK 12(13-06-2009) - Training for Ironman


BIKE 4:30
Keep your effort aerobic. No hard group rides.

Concentrate on taking fuel in consistently from beginning to end, and set yourself up well for a solid run effort afterwards.

RUN 0:45
Brick run right after biking. Push the pace right away at a pace slightly faster than what you want to run your marathon at. Your HR should not exceed 85%.
Run the first 30:00 at this pace. Then finish up by cooling down the final 15 minutes and stretching out afterwards.

SWIM 0:30
Today's swim is mellow, with some technique drills. Work on perfecting your stroke during the Drills set
500 easy Swim
10 X 100 (25 Left arm - 25 Rt arm - 50 Swim) with :10 rest;
6 x 50 recovery non-free

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