sábado, 2 de mayo de 2009

WEEK 6 (02-05-2009) - Training for Ironman

RUN 1:20
I've found it easiest here to break this into 40 minute segments, preferably as loops that begin and end at the house -- it's sometimes even better if it's broken into one 50-minute and one 30-minute segment following different routes. Keep your HR below 70% throughout, which after yesterday shouldn't be too tough...

BIKE 1:00
This can be done on the road for the sake of more scenery, though the intensity (hold it under 70% here as well) will be easier to control indoors.

If you're inside, break it up as follows:

3 aerobic intervals @60-70% intensity w/3:00 recovery after each:
- #1 (8.4mi / 13km / 22:00)
- #2 (5.6mi / 9km / 17:00)
- #3 (2.8mi / 5km / 9:00)

RUN 0:40
Then it's back outside for your final "victory lap"!

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