domingo, 15 de marzo de 2009

WEEK #9 (15-03-2009) - Training for Ironman


RUN 1:40
15:00 warm up jog, holding your HR under 70% throughout
30:00 "bulk" aerobic run: hold proper running form throughout
2 sets of (5:00 jog @60% between sets):
8 x 1:30 with fast foot speed w/30 sec slower jog after each
-- let your HR drift above 80% if necessary to hold the proper cadence
Continue running at an aerobic pace (60-70%) through to the end.

BIKE 0:50
Right after your run, either indoors or out on the road (be careful if it's chilly outside -- stay indoors!). Hold your intensity between 60-70%, and maintain a cadence of 85-90rpm. Stay in your small chain ring to reduce stress and improve your recovery.

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