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WEEK #10 (21-03-2009) - Training for Ironman

BIKE 2:45
Some of you are racing today (Wildflower), and the others should head outdoors if the weather is cooperating. Also, it's perfectly fine to swap Saturday's sessions with Sunday's, which is pretty useful if it's raining on Saturday and the forecast calls for sunny skies the next day -- keep that in mind throughout the warmer months.

For those stuck indoors, we've got a tough one lined up for you:

20:00 warm up spin, using a gearing pyramid to get into it slowly.
3 x 3:00 ILT w/30 sec recovery after each
-- each repeat should be
3 x (20 sec one leg / 10 sec transition / 20 sec other leg / 10 sec transition)
Aerobic Set:
This is designed to add some aerobic "bulk" to today's session -- do it at the suggested intensities, and get ready for the main set.
2 x (11.2mi / 18km / 33:00) @75% with 3:00 @60-70% recovery
Intermediate Set:
During this set your HR intensity should bridge the gap from 75% up to 84%, getting your body ready for some higher quality, high intensity work.
4 x 20 sec fast spinning (120 rpm) w/40 sec recovery spinning (90 rpm) after each - continuous
(6.2mi / 10km / 17:30) @80-85% w/ 3:30 recovery @60-70%
2 x (3.1mi / 5km / 8:30) @85% w/3:30 recovery @60-70%
Continuous spinning until your HR is back under 60%. Adjust your gearing such that your cadence remains at roughly 90 rpm through the end of the session. Good job!

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