domingo, 15 de febrero de 2009

WEEK #5 (15-02-2009) - Training for Ironman


RUN 1:55
15:00 jog, gradually increase your HR to 70% the last several minutes
6 x 30 sec build up to 90% (relaxed speed) w/60 sec @60-70% after each
-- if at a track, build up the straights and jog the curves
-- make sure legs feel loosened up before you do the main set.
Your HR should now be settled in near 75% and ready for the test. Take a couple minutes to prepare yourself before doing the main set:
Big Target: 2 x (2.5mi / 4000m) hold @75% MAF Test
-- jog for 3:00 between repeats
-- see how even your two repeats are. The better shape you are in, the closer they will be. This will be a good comparison test to do later in the summer.
Continue running at an aerobic pace -- less than 75% intensity -- through your cool down; reduce the intensity gradually to under 50% by the end.

BIKE 1:05
Begin this low intensity spin immediately afterwards, beginning @75% for 30:00, slowly reducing your gearing to hold a 90 rpm as you bring the intensity down to
70% for 20:00, then
65% for 10:00, finishing with
60% and below for the final 5:00.

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