domingo, 8 de febrero de 2009

WEEK #4 (08-02-2009) - Training for Ironman


RUN 1:45
Steady aerobic effort, making sure to hold proper running form. Keep your HR under 75% the entire time.

BIKE 0:55
Easy spin, just a rejuvenating continuation of your run. Don't let your HR get above 70%, and bring it down gradually to 60% with 5:00 remaining. Finish with 2-3 min @50% or slightly below.
Here's some structure that can help pass the time:
Begin with 30:00 @75%, in a fairly challenging gear -- you should start out with a cadence of 80-84, and as your legs adjust to the transition from the run this will naturally increase to the mid-90's (if it doesn't, switch to an easier gear).
Reduce the gearing for the next 15:00, holding 60-70%, and finish up with 10:00 of easy spinning @50-60%.

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