martes, 20 de enero de 2009

WEEK #2 (20-01-2009) - Training for Ironman

Today has been the first day that, really, I have realized that I am training to make the Ironman. I am really tired, really really.

The hard ride with the bike of today has been really hard for me; maybe it was because I have run before the bike. I lost a lot of water during the bike and the last interval of 8:30 minutes at 85%, has been hard to hold. I achieved the aim of the training, but I don know if the next days I am going to be able to finish the training.

Good day, good training.

See you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BIKE 1:15

Keep your HR intensity below 70% during the first 15:00
7:30 in moderate gear @90-95 rpm, 7:30 in next harder gear @90 rpm
straight into:
6 x (15 sec fast spinning @ 105-110 rpm / 45 sec controlled spinning @90rpm)
allowing your HR to get closer to 75% (but not over)

4 x (3.1 miles / 5km / 8:30) on 10:00 interval (start one interval every 10:00)
descend the efforts:
#1 & 2 @75%, #3 @84%, #4 @85%
Feel free to challenge yourself a bit here...

Cool down, gradually bringing your HR back under 70% for 5:00,
then down to 65% for 4:00, then finish below 60% for the last 3:00.

RUN 0:50

20:00 warm up jog, gradually bringing the intensity up to 65-70%
Stride Drills:
4 x "250 strides" on 5:00 interval
(This means to begin each one, every five minutes.)
Focus on increasing the speed of your leg turnover while forcing your HR to stay under 75% the entire time.
Cool down completely, bringing your HR back down to
60% by the end.

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