domingo, 31 de mayo de 2009

WEEK 10 (31-05-2009) - Training for Ironman

BIKE 3:30
Even though this ride is a lot shorter than last weekend, do not put in extra effort. Keeping your effort aerobic is crucial to the recovery process.

No hard group rides. We want you feeling like a spring chicken come Monday!

RUN 0:45
Sandwiched between a 15:00 warmup and 15:00 cooldown (both below 70%), complete 10 x (:20 strides with 1:10 easy jog); stay light on your feet and keep your upper body relaxed.

SWIM 0:30
400 Swim
10 X 100 (25 Kick - 25 Left arm - 25 Right arm - 25 Build up Swim) with :10 rest;
Build up the 25 swims to a little faster than race pace.
6 x 50 total recovery; your choice

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