domingo, 8 de marzo de 2009

WEEK #8 (8-03-2009) - Training for Ironman


RUN 2:00
It's time for another MAF test to check out your aerobic condition. Record your results of this main set for future comparison -- you should be seeing steady improvement as your overall fitness improves.
15:00 jog, gradually increase your HR to 70% the last several minutes -- continue into a
30:00 aerobic run, ending up at the track
6 x 20 sec build up to 90% (relaxed speed) w/60 sec @60-70% after each
-- if at a track, build up the straights and jog the curves
-- make sure legs feel loosened up before you do the main set.
Your HR should now be settled in near 75% and ready for the test. Take a couple minutes to prepare yourself before doing the main set:
Big Target (7mi / 11.2km total, including recovery):
4 x (2400m / 1.5mi) right @75% w/400m @65-70% after each
-- the entire set will provide aerobic work, and breaking this into intervals will enable you to focus on holding good form while keeping your HR under control
Go straight through into your cool down, beginning @75% and reducing the intensity gradually to under 50% by the end.

BIKE 1:15
This ride can be done either indoors or outside (be careful not to get caught outside in chilly weather -- up north anyway!). If you're inside, then here's some basic structure to follow:
25:00 spin
It's always a struggle to get your "riding legs" back after a hard run, so don't be surprised if you're going relatively slow at first. Your blood will get redistributed quickly, bringing oxygen and "freeing up" the other large muscles in your legs used for riding.
4 x (2.5mi / 4km / 7:30) @75% w/2:30 @60-70% after each
Wind it down the last 10:00, finishing with your HR back under 60%.

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